Appearences can be deceiving

Friday, December 4, 2009

I did something tonight that I really did not anticipate having the guts to do. I a mom of young children- living in a conservative suburb- driving a Honda minivan got a nose ring. A small stud. But I did it. I'll call it a quarter-ish life crisis.

I went with a friend to a shop that looked totally scary. First, I had to Google a place to get this done- as I am not up on the places to get pierced in the area then we set off to trek off there to get the job done.

Outside appearances were deceiving. It looked like a place I would not typically willingly go- well- it isn't but either or. I was there. Taking the plunge. In India women get a nose piercing as another place to wear gold. While I have no cultural proclivity such as that- I wanted to do something decidedly anti- mom. Being that I am a chicken and a wimp and I really did not really want to go too far out there- something that was just this side of momville.

There was an eclectic group there. Teenage-ish looking girls there getting a lower back tattoo; a man that I seriously was afraid of on appearances- he had piercings that I did not know could be done and wearing more eye make-up than I have worn cumulatively in my life; another girl with dyed black hair; all in skinny pants and a style that was very decided. They however were delightful. Knowing I was scared they were very reassuring and genuinely nice. They were reassuring and gentle. And the piercer seemed like a totally sweet man- very kind- when we were done I almost wanted to hug him.

So the piercing did not hurt that much. It just pinched a bit- I got all worked up for what actually felt like a nasty zit popping. He then informed my that my nose on the inside is very small. He wanted to clip the inside a bit- he then pulled out a giant pair of bolt cutter looking things and the blood drained from my head and heart- the roaring in my ears started- everyone laughed and reassured me that it was just for the metal. It was.

I cannot believe I did it. But I did- me and my mamahood self.


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