Nose Drama

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So I got the piercing. All is well right? You obviously do not know me or the way my life works. Crisis to Crisis. That is how we operate in the H house. So what did I do? I petted my cat whom I love- but whom I am allergic too- then of course I sneezed. Out flew the nose ring piercing thingy- I guess what they say is true that you sneeze kind of hard. So I go to the bathroom to asses the damage and attempt to reinsert the stinker. No luck- mucous membranes- like the inside of your nose close REALLY fast.

Mind you I am a wimp and all of this fussing with my nose had begun to make me feel a little woozy. My hands were shaking I was pale- felt really icky. Since my blood sugar plummets when this happens I did what I knew would make me feel better I had a Coke. A real Coke- not Diet Coke- which for those of you who know me know what a big deal this is. It did help- I was able to hold things with out my hands shaking violently and I maintained consciousness! Unfortunately my nose thingy was not in still. On examination of the ring I noticed that the curved part was causing me issues as well as the clipped end that was a bit rough. So after letting the inflammation die down a bit I used one of my girls piercing studs to hold the hole open until I could figure out what to do.

During this time I was updating my friends and they were getting a good laugh from my predicament. One suggested using sand paper to smooth out the end of the ring that was a bit pokey and causing issues. 'Genius' I thought- then realized I had no idea where I would FIND sand paper- so I settled for a nail file. I smoothed it out cleaned it again- and still could not get it in- I needed another Coke- to continue.

I found the email address for the piercing guy and emailed him in despair. No answer. The following day I went back to the studio and he quickly fixed me right up-as well as had a good laugh at my expense I am sure!!


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