the kind of mom I do not want to be

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I say this with trepidation. Because I know where this mom is coming from; I have been there. I think most moms have. But I do not want to act like she did today.

I had to go to the grocer. On a Saturday. Hellish right?

So as I was trying to make it though the store as fast as possible I heard a mom berating her child. The child was not small- I'd guess 7 or 8 years old- old enough to know decent polite behavior. I am sure that the mother felt stressed and frustrated and annoyed but how she was upbraiding the kid made me sad. No child deserves to be called stupid or awful. Even less so in public.

Again I totally admit to saying things I should not to my children- especially when I am frustrated an annoyed. I do not want them to feel bad about themselves. I do not want them to question their worth. They are so loved and valued it is a little nuts! But the look on the child's face just looked crushed. It made me think about the times when I do 'lose it' and again resolve to try and be the kind of mom that my children deserve.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Although there is no excuse for calling a kid stupid or awful, I cannot tell you how many times I here a mother yelling at her kid (for something that seems so innocent) and I judge her and think "If that was me I wouldn't do that...I'd have patience" and then I remember that I HAVE been that mom and other moms walking by probably think the same thing "Why is she losing it over THAT?" But we can't know what already happened in that mom's life that day to bring her to that point. But it certainly does give us an opportunity to try and do better when we are in the same situation.

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