Friday, December 11, 2009

When I was a kid I was outside constantly- especially in the snow. Sledding, fort building- heck I do not know what I did for those hours outside- my mother practically had to drag me in when she was concerned I would get frost-bite.

I was so anxious to share this love of winter activities with my kids. Princess's first winter was not so exciting- she couldn't walk yet- but with great excitement when the second winter rolled around I was thrilled. With great gusto, I bought her snow pants, mittens, gloves, hats, and all the accouterments necessary for arctic (or Chicago) winter outdoor fun.

She- being the ever fashion conscious toddler that she was grew quite upset when her pretty pink boots got snow on them (imagine that- snow on boots! the nerve!)She would stop what she was doing and bend down and brush the snow off of her boots. For a while she would do this ever few steps- until the magic of the snow won out. Soon Princess was sledding down the hill behind out apartment. I was pulling the sled around our apartment complex. Once inside she would get her sled out and sit on it in the middle of the hall and look at us- like- 'well um- I am ready!!! Let's GO!'

This is Peas second winter and it is like taking a time machine back. Peas has the same frustration with her boots but the same fascination with the snow. Together my kids are outside in the winter weather enjoying the snow. We have had one 'big' snow that amounted to a few inches- but they made the most of it! Snow angels, catching snow flakes shoveling the drive. Just like my mother I am practically dragging them into the house to defrost. And me? I am darn happy I have snow pants.


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