Stepping stones

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do my children step and stand on EVERYTHING? If a book is on the floor they stand on it. A toy, A puzzle, EVERYTHING needs to be stood upon?? B used to be that way I hear- so I guess that proclivity is somewhat genetic.

To be honest when it something that standing on will not hurt it still bugs me. No- I do not why- it just gets on my nerves. Maybe because if they stand on things that it will not hurt they may stand on things that it will hurt and the distinction may be hard for them to make- but I think that it is a little to cerebral for this- it just makes me nuts.

Like when they stand on a book and it tears- then I have more work- not a lot but piled on top of the mountain that I am already responsible for it can be enough to push me to my mama limits.


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