mommy burn out.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How do you cope? What do you do? How do you recharge your mama self?

Yesterday felt like I was running a marathon. From Stinky going potty next to the toilet and then pooping in his hand (I was in the bathroom and you know he could not have used the bathroom downstairs!); to attitudes and whining I was at the end of a quickly fraying rope.

Today seems like a second marathon. Lots of attitude and back talk. Again- I understand that it is totally normal and expected but goodness, it is tiresome. I have no idea how to stem the flow either. Whatever discipline techniques I use do not seem effective. I can't take anything away from princess that seems to mean enough to her to get good behavior. Stinky is being very disrespectful when I take anything away from him it results in a cataclysmic meltdown that is counter-productive.

Stinky is very good at going potty. One problem we are having is that he refuses to go with out a light on- even during the day- when it is sunny and the bathroom is bright. Nor will he get on the potty by himself or pull up pants that are not sweat pants. Thereby demanding my attendance at every potty performance which with the herd- makes accomplishing anything difficult.

The other problem I am encountering in parenting world is kindergarten. Princess hates it- well she hates going there- apparently she is fine once the day gets going but getting in the door is not easy. It is tear-filled and so sad. She is nervous and just wants to go home. Which I understand. It makes me sad though that she is so nervous about it though. Any ideas for any of the above??


Sarah H said...

Sorry, no ideas, but I hear ya! Just recently has my Kindergartner been totally self sufficient going to the bathroom. This same Kindergartner also has a hard time getting out the door for Kindergarten. He says he doesn't want to go to school, or that he's sick, and he just makes it really difficult to get him ready. It is a battle.

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

What about some times outs? For your sanity and theirs? Apparently taking things away from Princess and Stinky don't work-so maybe some time out, or just quiet time in their rooms, will help both. When Anne gets extra ornary instead of a normal 3 minute time out, I tell her to shape up or she is going to get a "time out on her bed" which is a 20-30 minute time of her sitting on her bed w/o any toys to calm herself down. It doesn't always produce good behavior afterwards but it gives me a chance to cool off and collect myself.

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