Princess and Grammy

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Princess was my first child. One that I was not anticipating having, one that I was far from ready for- I quite admittedly was in no way ready or in a good place to have a baby. However- G-d had other plans for me. Thankfully.

Princess and Grammy have been close from the start. She came and sat with her in the NICU as much as she could she took care of her while I worked. Grammy has always had a special bond with Princess from the very start.

Even now Princess has a special relationship with Grammy. It is so great to see Princess be so close to my mom. Princess thinks Grammy is the best person to walk the Earth. Quite frequently I am informed 'but Grammy does it like this' she can do no wrong and has great ideas to play with her. She does not mind going to the part and playing for hours or digging in the sand. Grammy can cook special treats. She will place dress up and pretend without getting tired of it (or at least seeming like it). Princess appreciates it all. Grammy also has a beach- which is fantastic. Hours of entertainment- it does not hurt that Grammy is an expert sand castle builder.

Princess also enjoys special snuggles with Grammy. Whenever we are visiting Grammy or when Grammy visits up Princess claims sleeping with Grammy rights. It makes me so happy to see them together and know that they have such an amazing relationship


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