Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was all set on something to write about today but it has vanished into thin air- much like my motivation.

Maybe it is this stinking infection that has sucked every ounce of motivation and drive from me soul. Stupid infections. Silly casts.

Ohh did I not mention much here? I hurt my wrist/arm. It is all kinds of awesome. I have a pink cast that goes to just below my elbow. I neglect to realize how much I need two hands for or how dirty this parenting job really is. Not to mention how often I wash my hands or, in general get them wet. As getting my cast wet is not allowed a lot of things have required creativity... bathing children, doing dishes, laundry,etc have all needed to be reworked. So, a word of advice do not go hurting your armwhen you are a mother of young kids... makes things complicated.


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