Maybe Faith?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Its no secret that I have had a few run-ins with G-d about faith.

But through them I have become more faithful- if not more religious.

I have never read the Bible. Clarification: I have read bits here and there. I have read what was required in school and I have read what was required for worship but on my own-- the Bible and I are not well acquainted.

Yet- I have great faith in G-d. I feel like I am getting there- little by little knowing Him more.

My faith has not come from reading Psalms or Exodus. My faith has come more quietly. My faith has come from the conversations from the questions that I have and I bring and give to Him. While sometimes the answers are hard to see and hard to understand... I usually get there.

I wish I knew more about the stories- but that is something I can learn about- the treasure I think is my personal faith that no story can touch.


Megan said...

I think you are correct, you faith will grow in your closeness to Him. The bible does help in getting to know the Lord more fully, but like you, I am a sporadic reader at best. I know the NT fairly well, but the OT not so much. I do find comfort in the bible when I am at a loss for words to give Him, though. I read it as if my act of reading were a prayer.
Blessings to you, Megan

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