Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am a Glee fan.

The cover songs are fun and the over all show is not labor intensive to watch.

The week prior Glee featured Britney Spears. Which was very, hmm, interesting.

But this week, to me, Glee redeemed itself admirably. The plot line was tragic: Kurt nearly lost his father after the loss of his mother. Heartbreaking.
Also involved was Finn, who believed he saw Jesus appear to him on a grilled cheese.

However, Kurt is surrounded by his friends and their love and faith. It is the later that caused friction.

As the episode centered around faith and finding, exploring, turning to, or losing faith.

Kurt, an atheist, was upset by his friends offering their prayers. To paraphrase, G-d made him gay and then all of his {G-d's} followers were persecuting him.

Puck made a fantastic point that he believed that part of faith was living to live: enjoying the life we have. As he said Jesus is his "number one heeb". The big point made here is not shoving faith down other people's throat's. Also he alludes to disliking the 'holier than thou' attitude. Which, quite honestly, is one of my huge pet peeves.

So what? What is religion? Faith?

Is is like "Footprints?" being carried or helped when times are rough?
Is it a culture, part of your identity, your history?
A delusion?

A mixture?

It gets a bit foggy here for me. When the girls were in Kurt's father's room praying one mentioned that they were all from different religions, different denominations so one may get it right... what if there is not "right" what if "right" is loving and caring for each other while having faith without judgment?

Mercedes brings Kurt to her church and sings a Gospel rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" after talking about how everyone as their own beliefs and that is okay.. but that you 'have' to believe in something bigger something that was sacred. Kurt realized that his "bigger" was his relationship with his father. Kurt held that sacred. The sanctity of that relationship was something he valued beyond anything.

The realization came to me that G-d has many ways of working in my life and the things that are sacred to me, are touched by Him. They manifestations of his work in my life.

I loved this episode. It embodied my faith journey that I am still on. The show managed to be neither preachy nor judgmental which considering the subject is huge.

Well done


Megan said...

I was really worried at the beginning of the episode, that they were making fun of people of faith. I was really happy with the way it turned out.
This weeks episode, however, pretty much threw all that right out the window. I hate that I can't let my 13 year old watch such a fun show. Why do they always have to ruin everything by promoting sex for teenagers SO MUCH??!! I had enjoyed it until it got to the point where we had to turn it off. Such a bummer.

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