two is trouble

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is Peas.
She is a sweet child (most of the time). She is kind (most of the time). She is passionate (all of the time). She has an awesome sense of humor.

But she is also driving me to drink.

Yesterday, I needed to pick Princess up at a friends house- I left later than I had planned (silly me). Peas wanted to ride a scooter there, generally, when I have no time issues- sure no problem. However, I had 10 minutes to get somewhere- if she had scooted it would have taken 45 minutes. Typically, sure, no problem, rushing is over-rated, but then I needed to make time. So in the stroller she went- she was pissed off, and let everyone know, loudly, with shrieking, and screaming in a tone and at a volume ,I previously thought was only achieved by banshees.

I attempted to explain that I would bring the scooter with and she could scoot to her hearts desire on the way home but now we just did not have time. She was unimpressed. She wanted her scooter NOW!

So I walked the few blocks with Pixie on my back, Stinky riding his bike, and Peas wailing in the stroller.

I received several looks from passers by.

To them:

Yes, I know she is crying. I have tried to calm her down. I have done the 'distract and re-direct' trick- but she has a focus like a laser beam.

Yes, her crying irritates me too.

Yes, she is my child, no I am not kidnapping her.

No, I did not beat her, I buckled her in the stroller- cruel I know.

She is two years old. This is her way of dealing when she is upset- don't you ever wish you could let it go like that??



Once at our destination, I immediately unbuckled her from the stroller and set the scooter down next to her. Apparently, I had offended Peas sensibility so deeply that even the scooter (which she wanted) would not help her calm down. She stood there and screamed with every cell in her body. The INJUSTICE of it all was overwhelming to her.

So back in the stroller she went after standing there for several minutes trying to calm her down. More screaming ensued. We walked home. She eventually calmed down. Eventually.

Being two is really hard for the kid- they just can't understand somethings. But it is also hard on everyone else, siblings, parents etc.


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