No, No, Peas...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anytime that is said it can mean big trouble. Today, this morning, before I had even let the dogs out, it meant little trouble, a lot of little trouble. Peas had decided to figure out how the keys on my laptop work, by taking more than 80 of them off.

She also managed to take off the little white things that attach the key to the keyboard as well as take those apart. Good times. She sure is inquisitive.

It is a miracle I was able to find all of the keys and white pieces given the number of small people and animals in residence at my home. But, my I did, with help. Even better I got all of the keys back on. Still better (and more shocking) is that they WORK!

Peas though really did not know she was doing anything wrong- she is a curious little girl and she is two- and just expressing her totally natural curiosity- I probably would be less calm about it had I not been able to get the keyboard functioning again though.

Sigh... what's in store for tomorrow???


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

So did she get in trouble for it? Jamie is pretty close in age to Peas so I get that they have no clue they did anything wrong but had Jamie done that he would have gotten a very stern "No No!" and probably a time out. (yeah, 20 months old and yes he can handle a time out). He knows that he shouldn't be on my computer. Just curious what the next step was for her?

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