Sweet Boy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Stinky.

My sweet sweet Stinky.

He is a fantastic little boy he is authentic and sweet. Caring and vibrant. He also can whine and push buttons like a master.

He and Peas are either peas in a pod or at each others' throats. He will push her she will fight back and the clash of the titans ensues. It occurs daily.

He is so sensitive to the needs of others and others feelings.

Stinky however has this amazing capacity to love and show compassion and empathy in his four year old little self. He accidentally broke his sisters toy and felt so bad about it. He cried and cried even though he knew I was not angry, he was so so sad. He did not want his sister to be sad either.

On top of that when he does make a sad choice and I tell him so he feels shame. "I a bad boy mama" is frequently something that he says. By no stretch of anything is he a bad boy. He is a fantastic boy. Did he make a bad choice? Yes. Does everyone? Yes. Does that mean he is bad? Absolutely not. This breaks my heart. No one tells him he is a bad boy. A) that is just mean. B) it is untrue.

He loves his trains and cars with every little cell in his body. I have never met a boy so captivated by them. I have no idea what it is about trains and cars that he finds so entrancing but there is something.

When he build a train track it is so complex full of twists and turns. There are bridges and tunnels and 'L' tracks and sidings. He is going to be some kind of planner or engineer. The way his brain works fascinates me. As I, as an adult would not be able to come up with half of the things he can.

The excitement he feels is palpable and contagious for his trains. While I do not understand his love of trains I understand what it feels like to love something and have its presence make you so excited. This, makes me excited for him. This joy is a part of life that every kid should feel and this joy makes me so happy for him.

His empathy and sensitivity are astounding. He may only be four but things touch him in a way that is so much more mature than a typical four year old. Sadly, he does not always know how to express the feelings he has so they get expressed as frustration but when he can calm down and explain what he is experiencing. I am thrilled and blessed to know the kind of boy that I am raising


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