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Monday, April 25, 2011

Everyone has pet peeves that get under the skin and just fester. One of mine is losing things. It drives me bananas. I can't find my brown shoe. I do not wear this shoe often but I wanted to wear it to Saturday services and I could not find one of them. My daughter was playing dress up with them last week, which in general I am really okay with. But when I can'f find something of mine? Watch out, I can be a little shrew-ish.

I have looked almost everywhere, clearly, not everywhere because I have not found the darn shoe. I WANT MY SHOE. DARN IT. So now I will dwell on my missing shoe- until it turns up.

It is not just shoes; whenever I cannot find something I go a little nuts. It makes me batty. Ask the kids, I lose my mind. I have a laser like focus on locating the lost object and am extremely distraught until I find it. They get recruited to help me search for things. It is not a good sign when the six year old tells me to "just breath, Mama!


Heather said...

LMAO! Yeah, around here things get lost all hte time, thanks to my husband that just pics things up and relocates them....lol.

Sarah said...

You know what's odd? I too am missing a brown shoe.

Chrissy said...

I'm the exact same way and this has been an issue lately for us. I even get upset when it's the kids' toys that are missing and I throw things out there like "well, if you can't handle taking care of it, maybe you can't handle having it and I might take it for a while if/when we find it" which I know is not the nicest... Argh. I could have put up practically the same thing

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