Green Playgrounds

Friday, April 8, 2011

When I was a kid we had playgrounds that would never be allowed today. The climbing things were giant, and wood with splinters, cushioned with pea gravel. The slides were metal and in the summer could be scorching hot.

Truth be told I kinda miss the days of "living on the edge" in the playground.

But as safety standards have evolved products have also evolved. At a playground near my parents house the surface is made of ruberecyle- or recycled tires chopped up into rubber mulch. It is actually pretty cool. It is very cushy to land on (I may have tested that accidentally). Tires used to be one of the banes of a green-living person. I remember being lectured on how awful they were- so how cool that something is being done with them.

Being that this is April- the month of Earth day and all things green are inherently in now I looked a little more into this trend. I was so surprised to see that they offer Equestrian Arena Footing. This is pretty great. When I would ride in the summer the sand and dust would be unbearable often we had to water the arena to keep the dust from choking the horses and riders.


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