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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The other day I had to go to Costco. You must understand that going to Costco is a little hellish, a big warehouse bright lights, odd smells it is just overwhelming. The saving grace- at least it was not a weekend I had to go because I bought fruit and it went bad in like 2 days. So I had to get my butt there and return it.

After I returned it we took a walk around to see if anything else was begging to be bought (and to get the things that I forgot). After paying (I spent under $50!! a FIRST in my Costco history), I was loading the stuff in to my car Peas and Pixie were still in the double cart (awesome idea, Costco, love these), and a few people approached the kids.

One of the women asked if she could take a photo of my kids to show her grandchildren back in the Philippines... I was totally taken a back--- umm, well hmm. I know my kids are cute but in my little paranoia mind it seemed really weird. So of course I paused for a moment while I thought of a polite reply. When I looked up again the lady was posing for a photo with Peas and Pixie who were eating it all up.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

The lady took out a photo book and started talking with Peas and Pixie about her grandchildren and showed us several pictures of them.

Honestly, I am not worried about the photo. Maybe that is naive but the way the lady talked, and was dressed (who wears a fur to Costco?)everything really did not make me nervous about her..

How could I have handled this better- while being polite?


gin said...

I think you handled it great; it seems like she didn't give you much time to think, either. Go with your gut; I don't see people at Costco in furs either, so you've got that going for you too. :)

Chrissy said...

That is odd, but it reminded me of something my dad did. I think Haley was a little baby and my dad went out for a walk and comes back with pictures of some random kids (we didn't even know them and my parents were visiting from out of state. The kids were out playing without their parents). My dad thought they were cute kids and the dog on the girl's shirt reminded him of our dog. Being that I know him, he's just really friendly and didn't realize this could be seen as weird. My mom is a teacher, though, so she gave him a hard time :D But yeah, I'm not sure I'd want random strangers taking pictures of my kids. Your kids are very cute, but I don't get why she needed pictures. I may have done the walk away while trying to stay friendly. But some people don't get it unless you actually say "I don't want you taking pictures of my kids"

Carolee Sperry said...

That is very odd. And how many pictures did she have of her "grandchildren?"

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Just Me said...

she had about 20 photos of her 2 grandchildren

Just Me said...

Darn kids needing things...

She had about 20 photos of her 2 grandchildren- which she showed us. They are 4 and 2.

I really wasn't worried about- even less so now, it but a friend of mine said it is a very typical thing for some Asian cultures.

Of course I am sure American make more serious social faux pas than that when traveling.

If it gives her and her children joy... then there is no harm

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