Take it all off....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

When I was pregnant I started getting into the habit of having a bikini wax. I could no longer see there to trim the garden so to speak... and some maintenance is necessary.

After a bit I got used to it and decided to go for everything off. The first time was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I was expecting a bloody massacre. Involving and necessitating narcotic pain management. I even wore my crappy hole nasty underwear in preparation for the battle that would ensue.

Since then I have continued said up keep- but as that can get really expensive really fast I have yet to 'bond' with a waxer. Also it seems kind of strange to go to a person only for that.

Thus, I have shopped around a bit. I found one person who is AMAZING but a pain to get to- but it may be worth it after the brutal assault that my lady parts survived the other day.

It was the most painful wax ever. The wax was scalding, and that is not a place that likes to be scaled,FYI. Then it just did not go well. It was not like the horror stories that I have heard from some women about skin tearing and bruising, but it was not the simple process that I have had before.

A girl I take pole dancing with does sugaring- I think I'll give that a shot in a few weeks- and take a few pain pills before hand as a precaution.


Heather Reese said...

Ha! You have bigger cahones than I, my friend......lol.

Kimberly said...

I'm just not sure I have the pain tolerance for that. But I guess I won't know unless I try it, huh?

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

1. TMI
2. OUCH!!
3. You're brave. For a lot of reasons. All of them to do w/ the bikini wax.
4. I wish I had your guts.
5. I don't.
6. I probably never will.

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