Haunted Van

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I was picking up Peas the other day and I had reclined my seat to wait for her- I was sick you see, and I was not going to let the chance to doze pass me by.

My driver side seat of course got stuck down. Of course it did. What else would happen? I turn the car off let it sit then turned it on and tried again.. nothing.

What else to do except get home and deal with it? Put Peas in her seat strapped her in and climbed in and prepared for an interesting ride home.

As we drove down the busiest rode in the area, all of a sudden the seat back started to come up all by itself. So strange. Now it would have been really freaky if we had been driving by a cemetery or something...


Heather Reese said...

Eeek! That is freaky!

Shirley said...

Oh, wow! Spooky!

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