Birthday Do-Over

Monday, February 13, 2012

Yesterday, Peas turned 4. 4 years that have gone by in a blink of an eye or have crawled by depending on the day- heck depending on the moment.

Sadly, yesterday was not the joyful occasion that a birthday should be. Peas was sick. She was sacked out and felt yucky.

There should be some sort of rule about being sick on your birthday, it is just wrong.

So she gets a birthday do-over.

I cannot believe that she is the same little 3 pound little bundle of baby that entered the world on her own terms in her own time and made her own rules. She has done everything on her terms since she was born.

What a four years it has been! Peas has taught me about being patient and understanding. It has taught me about different needs and personalities.


Mommy of Two said...

So sweet :) Isn't is crazy to see how fast they grow up?

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