Pregnancy update

Friday, February 3, 2012

I am still pregnant. I feel like I have been pregnant forever and a day- but really it has been ~30 weeks, which can seemingly stretch out for eternity.

Now is the point when I am uncomfortable and more clumsy than normal and tired... oh yes, the hormones. Can't neglect the hormones. They are in the drivers seat and I am merely hanging on for the ride.

My wedding rings from B don't fit anymore so I set them by the sink (bad idea) my wedding band fell into the garbage disposal and was chewed up. It had no stones in it- just a simple white gold band that I have worn and loved. It is pretty eaten up though- does anyone know if a jeweler can fix it? I really hope so. I love that ring. I love what it means to me. I am simply devastated that this happened.

How much longer will this pregnancy last? Any bets? Longest is 35 weeks....


Jenn and Casey said...

Aww:( it's worth asking a jeweler! Hope it gets fixed!!!!

Just Me said...

i totally will! I am just so sad that I was careless enough to let it happen!

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