7 years later

Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Memorials are for remembering how can we ever forget' ~ a quote on a website devoted to 9/11 remembrances.

How very true. So much changed that day. More than the tangible: now you have to arrive at the airport several hours before your flight; intangibles were lost too, the feeling of safety. My children will always grow up in a post 9/11 world. It was one day but it created a schism in so many lives.

Since my husband is a fireman this date hits close to home. So many wives never saw there husbands again, so many children never saw there daddy's again, so many hearts broken so many souls lost. My husband gives of himself everyday he risks his life to help other people. The wives, children, and families gave so much too.

It has been seven years and in some ways it seems so long ago-yet in others it seems so recent. A crystal clear sky on a crisp morning can remind me of that day.

i wish I could have some eloquent statement on how my husband defines patriotism for me: the willingness to help whomever needs it. How proud I am of him. How thankful I am that his is at work today and not dead. How thankful I am that when something silly happens I can call him and tell him. How I can snuggle up to him when I am cold. Losing that would be losing me. We are so intertwined now, he is an extension of me. I am so so so sorry for the families and loved ones of the FDNY. I cannot imagine what that is like. But thank you for your sacrifice.


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