Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My son is a stinker. "Myself" is is word of the day. He does not want to hold hands, he does not want help. He will do it "myself" which turns out more like 'masewlf'

What is a mom to do? when there is a toddler who will do things 'masewlf' or 'hep' me with whatever I am doing?

I suppose I should be grateful for him spreading his little wings. He is my little boy my sweet boy. He may be independent but he still loves snuggles and he still loves to be by momma.

I love watching him with Peas. He gives her her baby when she needs is upset he sings to her he rubs her head while she nurses or has 'numi's'


Farrah said...

Is he still nursing or has Mr. Independant given that up too? Lucas asked for "nursies" the other day for the first time since Caden was born. To his credit, he was sick but I thought it was funny. :)

felicia said...

LOL, you spelled "mawsehlf" exactly how it sounds when he says it! It's adorable, almost as cute as how Skylar saying "pell-ohs"

Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Ok, this is probably something that you've already thought of and i'm sure everyone reading it is going to say "duh" but when Anne does that, I always give her a choice. Especially the hand holding thing. She has to hold my hand in a parking lot. She has to. Period. So when I reach for it and she's in a mood I say either hold hands or mommy can hold you. which one? then she always picks one. We both win. Good luck!

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