Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank you all so much for your support. I really am grateful. I am feeling better. We just took a mini-break with two other families to our home in Galena. Being away from the day to day helped me recharge.

That and apparently I am a raging hormonal inferno. I have always had a hard time with hormonal shifts but this one was horrible and I had no idea it was coming. I was not expecting it for another week or so. However, at least I know that I have not entirely lost my mind. Anyway.

By the way if you no not want all chemically products when you go out there, bring your own. They have nothing except the 'mainstream stuff' and no Whole Foods or TJs...very sad. But the fresh food cannot be beat.

Also the people just seemed nicer. I left my credit card in a restaurant and the waitress brought it to me in the lot. One of my friends thought she lost money and was calling around for it. They did not find it, but they offered her a gift certificate for the store because she was so sad.

Galena was great. We had 5 adults, 6 kids, and 5 dogs. It was so much fun! Even better we have a lot of the same parenting styles and such so I was not weird for tandem nursing or co-sleeping...everyone does it. It was so nice.

The kids rolled down hills and played in the park they also discovered the joy in a candy store as well as the fun of a horseback ride. All five kids who were old enough (except Peas) went

The daddy's got to go out and hang for a while. They get a long really really well too. It was so nice to see other men wearing their kids and nurturing them.

We went and got our toes done and they are pretty...I need regular pedi's so nice. Peas was with us the entire time and it was great.

Cannot wait to do it again...with out the crazy hormonal bitch..

so if anyone knows any way to help mitigate the pyscho woman inside me please please share.


felicia said...

I'm sorry that the hormonal swing put you in your own personal hell...but it was really funny once you figured out what it was, and then wanted PIE.

I think one of us should carry a spare Diva in our car. This should be effective until our cycles sync and we're riding the cotton pony at the same time. :)

We had a blastie blast too. We MUST do it again, soon. For crochet beading school! I want to learn how to do that SO BAD.

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