Feelings of Peace

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The past few weeks when I have been to my place of worship I have felt this amazing sense of peace. I have learned something each time and walked away happy that I spent time there.

Last week I had to miss it and I found myself longing for the quiet time with G-d. I found myself wanting to loose myself in the beauty of the traditions and the rituals. To a lot of people they may be meaningless and empty but it is comforting to me. It is a way of feeling a connection. It calms my heart and quiets my head.

The services are steeped in tradition and reverence- it is not what it is all about but the beauty of it is unmistakable.

I do not think that you need these things to talk to G-d, I enjoy what the represent, the familiarity of them, the comfort of them. It is like my mom's mashed potatoes, warm and cozy.

Looking forward to next week.


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