Where on Earth

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where on Earth am I supposed to find 30EE bras? Really? Victoria does not know that part of the alphabet. Darn- really- I wish I could have gone there and just got some pretty things.

This is all kind of irritating. I can't buy clothes at Target because they do not carry my size. Bra size?? forget it. Which means that a lot of my clothes are a lot more expensive than I would like them to be.


When I was in high school and I started developing (late bloomer here) I was not a girl who wanted bigger girls. I wanted them to go away. I wanted to cut them off. But finding a bra that fit was a lot easier when I was in the beginning part of the alphabet.

When I got pregnant I was a size 30b ish- When I delivered Princess I was 34H.. H! It was not fun to grow that way. Things went back down after a while but not all the way. After each subsequent pregnancy things never went back. All I really want is perkier girls- not the "do your ears hang low" ones that I am sporting now. Finding a bra that will help in that way will not be as easy as hitting Victoria's Secret apparently.

The last time I got fitted for a bra we had a different president and it was a few children ago. And given the bra I am currently wearing is literally falling apart, I decided to go on a little adventure--- ALONE! So I got a few items- Not granny panties but pretty things. I can't wait to wear them.

Having pretty panties always makes me feel better and pretty. Small pleasures are awesome.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

I am horrible at guessing bra sizes-I would never put you at more than a D cup-even in full fledged nursing mode. But I also know that other friends i've guessed on and been waaaaaay off. Still, you hide those HH puppies pretty well, cuz my guess wouldn't even come close to that!

Just Me said...

I think it is mostly because my band size is small. if my band size here even one bigger it would not be so insane

Mary said...

try a fitting at my intimacy in chicago.........
they are great at fitting hard to fit and having odd sizes

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