Thrive on Chaos

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Even when I have a 'break' things are always chaotic here- if it is quiet people are sick.

Today I dropped the three older kids off at B's parents house. Leaving me with Pixie which in theory, at least, would allow me to catch up and maybe rest a little. It did not work that way.

Pixie is far to busy to want to rest. She is in that fantastic fun stage of being into everything all the time and wanting to be involved in everything up close and personal.

Add to that- White Fang who is the same age as Pixie and exceptionally frustrating.

To point this evening I warmed up dinner for Pixie put our plates on the table and when to chase her down. From the kitchen there was a crash.. White Fang had knocked the dish off the counter and the dish shattered. Porcelain everywhere. Mixed with potatoes and chicken.

Pixie of course wanted to investigate and came toddling in to the kitchen to see what had happened. I swooped her up so she wouldn't get hurt and put her in the living room, then chased the dogs out of the kitchen as they were trying to eat the broken glass and the food, meanwhile Pixie came back.... repeat a few times making minor progress on the clean up. Finally I got the big stuff cleaned up and dragged the vacuum up to get the shards..... finally the chaos was calmed down... for now...


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