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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Darn surgery getting in my way.

Tuesday was the big day. I had my kidney and ureter fixed. I was terrified of having a stroke or a pulmonary embolism. Which did not turn out to be entirely unfounded.

The surgery went well- I guess. I found out I have a big tongue and a small mouth (thanks anesthesia lady). Who knew I had a big tongue and a small mouth and throat?
My ureter had a few issues with it- it had a large "S" kink and scarring and a vein was in the wrong place. All of that was fixed. Yay!

In recovery things got hairy. Bearing in mind my memory is kind of foggy I remember signing for B- the told me of course he could not be there. My heart rate was way to fast and apparently I had a problem breathing what seemed like 30 doctors descended into the room- and the were afraid that I had a pulmonary embolism. I could not have the one test that would tell them for sure- but they decided that given my clotting issues, as well as my symptoms I most likely had one and the proceeded to give me blood thinners to dissolve the clot.

Giving someone blood thinners after surgery is not usually a good idea- I mean you bleed more. Which then made me need to get more blood. The doctors were concerned because I was bleeding too much and my blood count was dropping, I was disoriented and not waking up well, and my heart was still beating too fast- to the ICU I went.

The poor ICU nurse. I was not kind to him- I really wanted ice and he would not give it to me. To him: I am sorry.

When I was stable- the next day I got to go down to the regular floor. All was well until the doctor had to pull the drain out. Worst pain ever. No way to describe it. Just worst feeling ever.

A few days later I was allowed to come home- earlier than anticipated- thank goodness.

I am so so so thankful that I had such great care. I will write about the exceptional care I had and the amazing friends who took care of my kids later but I just wanted to put it out there- that now I hope my kidney is fixed. I am ok. I am thankful.


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