Pixie's treats

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Otherwise known as: thank goodness for nontoxic crayons.

Pixie thinks these things are the best treat this side of cookies. I am baffled as to why- wax just seems unappetizing.

But as there are three other kids here- we keep Crayola in business- crayons colored pencils- markers abound. What confuses me is I can have the kids pick up their crayons and other coloring implements (then I follow and pick up the missed ones), then Pixie toddles around in without fail she finds some little scrap of a crayon and proceeds to pop it into her mouth like a lifesaver.

Sometimes I catch it and fish the crayon out- other times I only find out a day or so later when well *ahem* things come out colorfully.

No matter how many times I say "no no Pixie not food" she just looks at me with her huge eyes and goofy grin and laughs then toddles away.


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