It started with

Sunday, August 10, 2008

..a thud. Zoe fell out of our bed. That has never happened before- then again we have not had a night like we had last night in a looong time.

William was up, Skylar was up, Zoe was up, and Brian was snoring. One to another to another....We need a bigger bed. When Brian got up for work he did not let me know so I did not move to block Zoe in. She scooted all the way across the bed (which is a long way to scoot) and fell off. She was PISSED. but fine. The commotion woke up everyone else in the house so our day officially started at 4 am.

We went to the fire house for breakfast/brunch. It was fun. The kids are so nonchalant about the entire firehouse thing. some of our friends kids act like Brian is a god because he is a firefighter, but my kids are just like this is where Daddy works... they know which truck is which and they know how to turn on the lights on the trucks.

It is funny watching the guys be all domestic and cook and clean. At home Brian doesn't do anything like that but at the firehouse they all pitch in. Of course the equipment is slightly more manly. They eat off of platters, seriously platters, and they industrial everything. Boys and their toys right??


felicia said...

Oh gosh. Moose fell out of bed the first time he learned to roll and I was terrified. Then again, we have a very high pillowtop and between the frame, boxspring, mattress and pillow top that dang thing is a good 4 feet off the ground. Scared me to death. What an icky way to start the day! :(

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