A sign??

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have been questioning the direction and role my faith needs to take; which course I am being called to.

Today, I saw a sign at Wheaton Evangelical Free Church is starting a Beth Moore Bible study. I have not read the Bible, let alone studied it. If I signed up for this would I look like a fool because I know so little about the Bible...or would it be okay if I went and said that 'I do not know what I believe or what it means to me, that is what I am here to learn.'

Is this church offering a class so close to my house and me seeing a sign for it a coincidence? Something more?

The thought of a Bible study frightens me. Like I am turning my back on how I was raised. So do I go? Do I attempt to read the Bible first so I do not make an ass of myself?


felicia said...

Check your email. Talk to you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should go. Many of the women will assume you something to a lot about the Bible because they don't know you. But if you are honest with them they will help you understand and you will all learn together.

Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Yes, this type of thing is for sure for you. What religion were you raised? If it was Christian in any way (and Catholic is a form of Christianity) then reading the Bible and doing a Bible study is in no way turning your back on how you were raised. As a second point to that, we all have to learn to do things how we see them best. For example, I'm sure you have done a few things differently than your parents and that doesn't mean you are "turning your back" on them. Instead you are saying "Thank you for doing the best you could with what you had at the time. Because you did the best you could I am better than what you were at my age. Now I will do the best I can with my children and they in turn will be better than I was at their age". In therory we are always improving, always wanting more for ourselves and our children than what we had and going to a Bible study might be a step toward that for you.

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