More Faith

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have a lot to say today...

The other night I got to talking about with faith and G-d with a friend. Today I flipped on the TV ready to zone out for a few, and what was on? A 30 Good Minutes on WTTW that had the topic of Faith, finding it, prayer etc. Thanks G-d. I get it. I am learning. You have sent enough signals that I need to do this...So noted.

So here I am. I am giving my sadness, my frustration, my joy, my vulnerability to G-d. He can take care of it better than I can. I am imperfect, I am human. I am his.

I have to wonder why I was given some of the burdens I was given. I hate to complain about them because they are so minor so inconsequential.

Pray for me on this journey please.


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