Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not a fun topic. But one that I need to address at the moment. I apologize for the brevity of the post in advance, Zoe is squirmy

Another friend is pregnant. I feel like all of my friends are pregnant. No not all but a lot. And it seems like all of the pregnant women in the world are stalking me. (I guess this is the anger part of the grieving process)

You'd think I'd be over Almost Baby by now. You'd think I would be moved on. I am not. I am not ready to move on. Every once in a while I notice on my planner that has the weeks marked out on it. I would be xx along. I am not. I am not pregnant.

Maybe maybe someday we will be blessed again. Maybe, maybe someday I can rejoice with the feeling of life inside me again.

One of my friends announced today that she is expecting. I am happy for her. While I am happy for her, happy for her family, I am sad too. Sad and jealous. Forgive me friend for not putting my whole heart in it.


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