Just Sitting

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nothing terribly remarkable today. Just sitting on the sofa right now with Zoe talking to each other. She cooes so nicely--she is also showing me her feet. She found them before but now she seems to understand that she can move them around how she wants and they are attached to her.

She loves to hold her hands and play with her fingers. So stinkin' cute.

Come to think of it. I do have a dilemma: Sky is terribly bossy with Billy. She tries to discipline him and mother him. Billy of course resents it. I try and remind her that it is Mama's job to look after Billy, but she doesn't seem to let that stand in her bossy way. How do I get her to not be so bossy? How do I get her to be kinder to him? Yes he annoys her...she annoys him-it is what they do.


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