Moments in time

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Have you ever had a moment when you can just feel the Lord's presence? When you are moved to tears by wonder, feeling wrapped in a cocoon of His love? I had that this morning. I was running Ali and just listening to the sounds, praying nothing specific just feeling the prayers. Feeling my breath, feeling the wind, and it hit me. It started with goose bumps but soon I was in tears, not sad tears. Thankful, joyful tears.

A small moment in time that I will cherish


Farrah said...

Those moments are rare gifts from God to refresh our souls. Like little reminders that He is always as near to us as we feel in that moment, we just can't always feel it as intensely. I am thankful you had that moment today... you have been in need of a little soul-refreshment! :)

Sorry we keep playing phone-tag. We'll connect soon!

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