Why B Sometimes Hates Me

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am well educated. I have extensive experience and training in logic, reason, and debate. Which means winning an argument against me is not easy. When I am in full on argument/defense mode he is hopeless. He knows it.

Right now I am having a hormonal issue. I am moody, crabby, and generally pissy. I asked him to clean up dog poop, he said he would. It didn't happen nor did he do any of his other chores. This is NOT a good week to annoy me. So I called him and not so nicely reminded him of his chores, he said he did not have time. I replied how would he feel if I did not make dinner or feed the children or change diapers because I did not have time. He said well that is your job...(bad move buddy). We had previously discussed and stipulated in our negotiations regarding division of labor that chores were part of our jobs regardless of whether we were working outside the home or not (he was reminded of said agreement). My comment was: well it is part of your job to pick up after the dogs. He said that he has priorities....(man needs to stop digging himself a hole)...My reaction: so we, your wife and children are not part of the top tier of priorities. He is now angry that I trapped him.

Yes I trapped him, yes, it was not fair, but I am grumpy.


felicia said...

He trapped himself!

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