Big day

Friday, March 14, 2008

So much has happened! I hardly know where to begin. To my family no I am not pregnant...just to put everyone's mind at ease.

Today was Peas's 1 month check up. She is getting so 'big' 5 lbs 12 oz. For her that is HUGE! Considering a mere month ago she was 3 lbs 15 oz.

Also today Princesswent on an adventure with Grammy. She was thrilled. I put on a brave face until she pulled away in the car, then cried. Why is it always harder for the moms? Sometimes I forget how attached to her I am and take her for granted. The house seems too quiet without her silly giggle and bouncing energy...remind me of this sentiment when she returns and I would give anything for quiet. My comment on attachment above got me thinking about attachment and attachment parenting and kind of an open question is who becomes attached to whom through AP? I feel like I am more dependent on my babies than they are on me, goodness I need a life.

Yesterday was a HUGE day. We went to Cosley Zoo. Peas 's first non doctor appointment outing. They had lambs there that were less than 24 hours old. They are adorable. Just an FYI.

Princess recently has been asking about the Cross and Jesus. I have no idea how to answer her questions. I do not want to freak her out and say bluntly "Christians believe he is God's Son and he died to save us". Her questions make me long for religious and spiritual guidance that I do not even know where to begin to look for.

Sorry this is terse. Peas is resting on me and needs a snack now


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Boy, I hope there wasn't a pregnancy scare. Tell your Hubby he has to wait at least 3 months to have fun... make up something about every time you have another kid you have to add 6 weeks. So by #3 you have 18 weeks to wait. Haha!

2lbs in a month-that's AWESOME! Anne was like 6lbs 3oz at her 1 month so to us Zoe would be big too. :)

Catherine said...

I didn't know you'd started a blog! I can't wait for all the great stories. Your profile summary is PERFECT.

About Jesus and the Cross - I can totally relate. I'm hoping all us mommies can learn from each other...

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