deep thoughts

Sunday, March 9, 2008

deep for a wading pool that is.

So many people I know are going back to school and I am jealous. (my internal dialoge is playing the "Jealous Again" song)

I have wanted to go back to school for a while now. . Do I want to sign up for that? Do I want to sign my family up for that?? More over the I want to sign up for that. I did find a not-for-profit that would pay my loans after working for them for 5 years, but that is a huge time commitment. I do not know if that is something I can sign everyone up for that. If it is fair.

I had a friend over for wine the other night. Yea, a diet of wine, truffles, and probiotics does not sit well with a person who has not had anything to drink for six months. I was pretty far done after three glasses over 6 hours...light weight I am. (I am so embarrassed).


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