A Mother's Terror

Sunday, March 30, 2008

We went to have Peas's pictures taken today. Princess and Stinky were and their grandparents house so we were out only with Peas. It is much easier being with only one child, who does not run away...

We were waiting to look at her pictures and we heard a scream of terror. A mother had lost her son. We heard her screaming in desperation for her son. The security guards stopped her and got her got her son's description and began to look for her boy. She continued wailing and running through the mall and screaming for her baby. The horror was apparent on her face and in her voice.

My heart broke for her. I have never lost my child, thank God. I could not imagine not being able to find one of my babies. I hope I never do.

Brian immediately said that it was her fault that her child was missing. Maybe it was partially her fault, but I cannot blame her entirely. There were are ton of people there and kids wander, a lot.

I have no idea if/when she found her boy. I hope she did. I hope she found him quickly. No one deserves to be suffer like that.


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