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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I changed my name when I got married. I did not want to. It was very important to B that I change it...Why? My identity did not change just because I got married. I changed it because it was so important to him. Why?

Why was it so important to have me have his last name?? His answer 'so we will all be a family'...weren't we one already? What is going to change just because I now am further up the alphabet?

Anyway, I changed it. It does still seem weird to be called Mrs. Handler. Mrs. Anything seems weird though.

It was hard to do. It was so hard to give up my name. The name I had had since birth the name that tied me to my family. I gave that up. I gave that up to be part of B family. Who for so long were so hard to get along with. Now the weirdest thing. I have started to love them. I have started to think of them as my family.


Catherine said...

I agree. I was happy to do it but didn't realize how it would hit me. I remember being at our second reception at him parents house a month after our wedding. I saw his parents talking to my parents and was like - @#%@#$# I am a CARLSON!!

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