Friday, March 28, 2008

I do not have many friends. I dislike that. It makes me sad. I have no idea how/where to go about making them. My friends from school are off living the life that I thought I'd have. Ph.d candidates, M.Ds. JDs...etc.. they do not have a ton in common with my "leave the kitty alone" life. Also a lot of them are far away. Don't get me wrong if I could travel to prague to visit one of my dearest friends I would but, I am a bit of an all you can eat buffet at the moment.

Where do you make friends? As a mom, when I worked it was different, but now? I feel weird 'asking a mom for a play date' I tend to isolate myself. Introvert alert.

help please


splinters and wholeness said...

ill be your friend :)
i dont know you, and i dont think you know me, but im a friend of april's. your blog is cool and i think you are a really interesting person. lets get together and talk. is that weird? maybe! my email is i am at home with my little ones too.

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