Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday was also my Grandmother's birthday. As it is a big one for her my aunt threw her a party. All of my cousins came in. People from California, Iowa, and Colorado. I have not seen these people in years and my children had never met them. So we were looking forward to that. B had to work, of course...what is the rule? If something is happening he is at work right? No exception here! My dad even made it down from WI, which he never does. Granted he arrived at 1pm, started asking my mom to leave around 2pm and left at 3pm. Heck at our wedding we were taking bets to see if he would make it through dinner!

So I got to take the three kids to my Grandmothers for a party with tons of cousins and family that they had never seen before, it was intimidating. Stinky was attached to me most of the time and Peas was passed around from cousin to cousin, everyone getting their baby fix. Princess was Princess, the leader of the pack.

I do not know how to describe the party. It was nice to see everyone, it truly was, and it was nice to have the kids all meet each other but it lasted a little too long. Everyone was tired and grumpy by the time we got home.

Everyone in my family is wound a little tight to say the least. We all function better when properly medicated either with alcohol. xanax, or the antidepressant of the day. When we are medicated it makes for a better time for all. Maybe next time we get together we should double the doses. By the end of the party the 30 kids, yes 30 were a little rowdy. The adults were tired, and my aunts in an organizational frenzy. My mother was about to lose it walking to the car because she got lost and was over-heated. Princess and Stinky were exhausted, and I could not breathe. I was so happy to get home.

I do not do large groups of people well. I get tense, snippy, and out of sorts. No real reason, I just prefer alone and quiet, the thought of Easter at B's family the next day sent me running for xanax. We never made it to Easter.

That night Princess was in my bed in tears because her stomach hurt, Stinky had the runs, and Princess wanted to socialize, and my poor mother got sick to her stomach. No one slept much.

When B got home he gave the kids Dunkin donuts while I crawled off to nap. He was all ready to go to easter and attempted to get me up and I said 'no'. It felt good.
I did not want to go to his aunts house and have to be nice and watch the kids while he sat with his uncles then come home with over tired not quite healthy children and attempt to sleep. Nope not happening. We stayed home.

Now we just have to plan the next gatherings.


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