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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is a story from last year but I was recently reminded of it.

The Doodle's Haircut

The Characters:

We had two dogs and two children.
Stinky was about a year old and like any one year old boy he enjoyed seeking out mud to play in. Barley is a mini schnauzer and has a napoleon complex, he also managed to get mats in his fur daily
Princess, precocious does not say enough about her
golden doodle and the victim in this tragedy.

The scene:

After brushing Barley again, and cutting several mats out, I decided to take everyone outside and give him a hair cut. Surely if he had hair that was 1/4 in. long he could not mat it.

I grabbed B's clippers, the dogs, and children and out we went. Things were uneventful. Barley's hair clipped easily, Princess was riding her trike, Stinky was digging, and the Doodle was chewing on a stick. In seconds that changed: I needed to take Stinky inside for something, it would only take a moment so I left everyone else outside. Big mistake.

When I returned the Doodle had a racing stripe down his back. Princess had decided that he needed a new style and a reverse mohawk was just the ticket. I tried in vain to even out his coat, but all that happened was he looked like a victim of a terrible weed wacker attack. Brian came home and laughed then tried to even him out. In the end he was pretty much all shaved and pathetic looking. It took months to regrow his hair.

Everyone got a good laugh at 'rat'


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