Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today we planned as a fun day. We got up, got dressed, revised Princess's clothing choices to something that was at least slightly weather appropriate, and set off on an adventure!

We took the train to Elmhurst to meet friends. Who new a train ride could be so exhilarating??
Stinky was decked out in a Thomas shirt, overalls, socks, and shoes...see a theme? He adores Thomas.

We got on the train in our town and rode for a few stops and got off in Elmhurst. A 30 minute ride. 30 minutes of awe...Stinky stared out the window, ignoring the world with the exception of the view from the train.

We got off, went and played with a model trains, to lunch, to a park, to get ice cream and then finally back home on the choo choo, with three exhausted children.

Princess loved it, she got to see where mommy grew up, she played in the park that Mommy played in as a child, she ate at the restaurant that Mommy and Grammy and Papa ate at every week after church. She had a wonderful time. Now I am ready to sleep. My mastitis is very painful and bed looks awfully good.


Farrah said...

Sounds like such a fun outing!! I am so sorry that you are still feeling so crummy. What a good mom to take the kids on a fun adventure anyway!

Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Wow-what a great idea! It's so simple yet it seems like it turned out so great. Sort of like when you wind up spending the day looking at ants or flowers or grass and it turns out to be one of the best days you've had w/ your kids...good for you!

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