I am sorry I hate you

Friday, June 20, 2008

a quote from Princess to her brother. In our house we have a few words that we just don't say. Hate being one of them. 'its not fair' is another forbidden phrase...(freedom of speech is a great thing but not in my house)

Well one night as the kids were doing their normal greco-roman wrestling over some toy that the other had previously not noticed until the first had picked it up at which point it became the most coveted toy on the planet. Which leads to the wresting greek style. Sometime during this episode Princess tells Stinky that she hates him. Which elicits a response froshe am the mommy team. (it should be noted that despite the physical violence involved mommy tried to stay uninvolved and 'let them work it out themselves' one would expect that Princess would have have the obvious advantage because of her greater size, however Stinky is QUICK). Regardless at the shout of the phrase "I hate you" a time out was immediately called and a foul issued against the 4 year old, even though the 2 year old does not understand the meaning of 'hate' I do not want it to become a habit to break. Princess was told to tell Stinky was sorry, her response 'Okay Stinky, I am sorry I hate you...." what do I say to that???


Farrah said...

What do you do with a smarty-pants toddler? If you figure it out, let me know. I am wondering the same thing myself! :)

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