Delayed reaction

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Friday night I met a friend to go see the SATC movie... I now can say I understand how my husband felt about the anticipation for Star Wars or something...except I did not dress up...not that i could afford clothes worthy of SATC.. and I would have ruined them.

Goodness though, it was worth it. It was one of those days when you feel like the world is against you to get anything done. As I pulled up to the theatre and found a parking spot in a different zip code it started to pour. Rain like i have never seen it rain. I started to look for pairs of animals during my 1000 meter dash to the door. I got in and suffice to say, I did not need a shower later that night everything was wet. But, I was so excited nothing could stop me, certainly not a a little deluge. I met my friend laughed about the moist nature of my outfit. and sat down to be entertained.. it did not disappoint.

I laughed so hard during parts of it and I wanted to cry during parts of it. I love the way it highlighted the loyalty in female friendships. When Carrie hit Big with her bouquet I could feel her emotion. When Carrie looked in the mirror in Mexico after her non wedding, I could have cried, who as a woman has not felt like that? Watching Samantha feed Carrie when she did not have the strength to do it was incredible. The depth that they brought to the characters sets this movie apart in terms of consummate 'chick flicks'.

I did notice how one of my friends reminds me of Charlotte. Kind, sweet, always taking care of everyone.. That and she looks like her too (totally a compliment).

Watching it brought up a ton of emotions I did not know I even had. It reminded me of the times that I spent watching the show as a first run series and how different my life is now, how different from the way I expected it, part of me mourned for that me. I was not expecting to have to confront my emotions re my lost pregnancy...that caught me off guard.

The clothes....what can I say. divine. amazing. wow. I wish for just a few days I could live that life. Incredible clothes pretty shoes, nights out. I have friends who have that life oddly enough we envy each other.

When the movie ended I had to go home and survey the damage. my children were still alive however not in bed...oh well..

as an aside how does SJP look like that after pregnancy?? color me jealous.


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