The Return of Pain

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last year Skylar refused to be in her room alone. We finally figured out why: a dinosaur named Pain was living in her bed and wanted to eat her tummy.

Hmmm. Dinos in closets I can handle, under beds I can evict, but in her bed? That presents a unique challenge. At long last we convinced her that the dino just wanted to tickle her tummy and kept coming back every night because he wanted to be her friend..

Now Pain has returned. now he is grumpy. any ideas on helping a dino move to his own room?


katbac said...

buy a stuffed animal dinosaur, introduce Pain and the "new guy" stuffed dinosaur, and tell them that if they are very good and promise to keep quiet in the basement, they can have a sleepover. maybe skyler can tuck them in and give them a bedtime snack. i did a similar thing with my little girl several years back. good luck!!

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