Her name is Zoe

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have had so many people question our decision to name her Zoe. Well thats her name. She personifies it, at least to me. It means life.

We had a list of names when she was born and immediately when she was born I 'knew' her name was Zoe. In fact I said it while they were working on her. 'Her name is Zoe'.

After that I questioned it. A lot. I went back and forth a lot. We had a terrible time coming up with a middle name (Madeline).

Her name is Zoe because she had difficulties at first and we wanted an inspiring name. Zoe fit. Life. She is full of it now. My Zoe full of life, full of love.

We know it is an unusual name. She is unique too. It would not have fit very well to have one daughter named Skylar and another named Mary or something...Zoe and Skylar work.

I could not imagine any other name for her now. Zoe, one O, no I, no umlaut, just Zoe, unlike the Salinger novel, and yes I know that character was male.


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

While they were writing Anne's name on the birth certificate I was having a bit of an anxiety attack, wondering if we made the right choice. It's hard to finalize it, but once it's their name, it is their name.

Zoe said...

My name is Zoe and I absolutely love it. A lot of people have issues with their names as they grow up and get older... especially as they become teenagers and begin to find themselves but while I've grown and changed as a person, I've never questioned the suitability of my name. Zoe is a wonderful name in my opinion, it feels like it has endless growing room - it is equally strong and feminine... I think you've made an awesome choice :-)

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