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Monday, June 16, 2008

even though I am an obama supporter, I found this article well written. I liked the message that it sent.

Even though Hilary did not win the democratic nomination a lot of credit has to be issued for her. Part of me hopes that she runs again.

( I wish I knew how to rename links to say 'click here' and what not but the link is there!)


Alysia said...

'K. We've got the same blog-hoster, so here goes:

You're posting, right? The toolbar in the *tan* section? On the upper left it has a pull-down menu for "Font," then Font Size, Bold, Italics, Text Color and ... Links! It's the one with the green ball. Write up your blog like usual (don't list the web address you want to link to), then highlight the word/words in which you want to embed the link. Hit the "Link" button, and a little box will pop up -- type the address in (make sure there's only one "http:/" listed, or you'll have trouble. This mostly comes into play if you cut and paste.) or Copy and Paste the address from the actual website if you're having trouble remembering the site. After you've posted, make sure you double-check that it's working.

Or I could just walk you through it sometime!

Farrah said...

Or here is how you do it with html code:

Code example: Example

Hyperlink visitor sees: Example

Farrah said...

OK. so I tried to give you and example of how to do the code and blogger just read to code and didn't print the code....

So much for my grand ideas. I will e-mail it to you. :)

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