Again Childrens Books??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The kids and I made our trek to the library and have recently ventured into the realm of longer more involved stories for Princess. So far we have read: The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, and we have started Little House in the Big Woods. I decided to brave it and check out another book that I had seen pictured in the book orders from her school... Junie B. Jones. I thought the story line sounded interesting and the main character precocious. However when I began to read aloud I noticed myself having to censor half of the book.

The main character who is a five year old girl called people 'stupid', made fists at people, informed people that she hated them, thought that she could beat them up, etc.... Seriously for a five year old? My five year old does not say that and I would be less than thrilled if she did- it is something that would require learning and re-learning a better way to express herself. So while the story may be cute and the character precocious and fun... I think Ms. Junie B. is a little too much for out house. Back to Little House we go.


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