Why does my 15 month old

Monday, May 11, 2009

know how to climb the ladder to the top bunk?

The two older children have bunk beds. They were build by hand by my father... and they LOVE saying that 'my papa built them'. To them he might as well fly around with a superhero cape because he is perfect.

Now Peas has discovered that she is amazingly like her brother and sister and remarkably good at climbing. She can scale the 5 ft later to the top bunk with grace and ease befitting someone who can at least speak in somewhat intelligible speech. A healthy dose of fear would go a long way with them sometimes.

But now the problem I cannot let the older two play in their room without supervision because Peas wants to be with the big kids and anytime she is in that room she makes some magnetically pulled line straight for the ladder. And up she goes with an excited giggle and a huge grin.


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